The Intercollegiate Pokemon League

Become Legendary.

     We Are The Intercollegiate Pokemon League

Welcome to official website of the first Intercollegiate Pokemon League. This wonderful collection of skilled individuals was first established in the Fall Semester of 2010. A sophomore at the Pennsylvania State University had the marvelous idea to gather Pokemon clubs from universities across the nation to compete in semester battling seasons for the title of Semester National Champion. Our mission in the IPL is simple:

  As student trainers of the Intercollegiate Pokemon League, we ruthlessly strive for excellence not only in the classroom, but also in the world of competitive Pokemon battling.  We bring together all those whole enjoy Pokemon on a college level to test skills and strategies and determine the school that will be honored as the Semester National Champion.

We will always graciously accept any college Pokemon club, conduct ourselves respectfully, never cheat, and be tolerant of other student trainers. We are always eager to challenge new schools, and learn from the sharing of cultures and ideas. We hope you enjoy your time within the prestigious ranks of the IPL.