The Intercollegiate Pokemon League

Become Legendary.

Standard IPL Rules for Pokemon Battles:

-The number of battlers participating in the match must be agreed upon prior to the actual match. Unless otherwise discussed, each team will need 5 battlers. If a team fails to provide five individual battlers, and there was no prior agreement between schools, then the offending school will forfeit the number of battles equal to the number of members missing.

-Battles will primarily be done on Pokémon Showdown. Battles will be OU, 6 v 6. If you would like to battle on your DS, please be sure that your opponent agrees to battling on the DS. Read the lists below for banned pokemon, items, combinations, and abilities. 

-Please complete all the designated battles in the match and report the number of wins for each school. For instance, if you're having a 5 v 5 battle and your side wins the first 3, thus winning the match, please carry out the last two battles just so we can get a win count.

-All official battles will involve five trainers from each school using Pokemon from the OU, BL, UU, RU, NU, or NFE tiers.